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Daniel Josiah Thorley
This important, yet little known, figure was born in the early hours of 19th May 1673. The second son of a struggling pickle merchant, Daniel's prospects were humble and the family had to struggle to maintain their respected position in society. Daniel's mother died giving birth to his sister Sophie when Daniel was only seven years old. The memory of his dear and kind mother remained with him throughout his adolescence spurring him on to good deeds and to helping his fellow man.

The Journals of Daniel Thorley
Daniel kept a journal from the age of twelve right up until the night of his death. These journals, previously unknown until discovered in a second-hand book shop in January 1999, are currently being compiled prior to publication. This extraordinary record of the time shows how Daniel came to be inspired by the great scientists and intellectuals of the day and went on to play his own part in Europe's Scientific Revolution. Daniel's journal also records his thoughts on his family - the loss of his mother, his attempts to help his father prosper and his wish to give his sister the education she desired. It also details the course of his relationship with the future Mrs Daniel Thorley.

Extract from Daniel's Journal
This site
This web page aims to be a valuable resource for those interested in the life and work of Daniel Thorley, providing information and journal entries that will not be included in the forthcoming book. The name of Daniel Josiah Thorley has been too long forgotten by history and hopefully this site will go some way towards redressing the balance.

Timeline Journal Entries Pictures Published Journals
A chronological list of the main events of Daniel's life, as well as historical events that influenced his life and work. The forthcoming book will contain selected extracts from Daniel's numerous journals. Extracts that are, for various reasons, not included for publication will be made available here. There are few surviving portraits of Daniel, or of his colleagues and family. Those that have been discovered will be reproduced here. The Journals of Daniel Josiah Thorley are currently being edited and will shortly be released for publication. Details will be posted here when available.

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